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Beacon technology allows you to automatically deliver your adverting or marketing message to the screen of smartphones users (which is nearly everyone these days!) who come within proximity of your installed beacon.

When you have set a beacon UUID for a coupon in our software, the customer will receive a home screen message when they are close to your beacon.

So is beacon technology right for your business? Take a look at some of the types of businesses where beacons are already in use:

Auto Dealers

Dealers can carry a beacon with them to trade shows or auctions to broadcast their message to thousands of attendees.


Clothing stores, furniture stores, sporting goods, beauty supply… the list goes on. Retailers located in a mall or strip center can broadcast their message through discounts, coupons, and other special offerings to the mass foot traffic they and their competitors get every day.


Restaurants whether fast food or high end venues can send their message to potential patrons within a 400 meter radius of their establishment or even place the devices in strategic locations like food fairs, malls, or even place them at visitor centers within their city. They can even send a message to those IN the restaurant with a notification to click to see the menu.


Roofers, home inspectors, home renovators, builders, etc can place these devices in the neighborhood they are currently working.

They can also team up with real estate agent to place them at open houses.

Real Estate Agents

Agents can place these within open houses, carry them with them to showings, place them in their personal listings or even other agents listings. They can carry them with them to hardware stores or any other place that home buyers usually hang out like furniture stores, insurance offices, city visitor centers, state rest areas, military base visitor centers, etc. Agents who attend a networking event can have these devices on a key chain to broadcast their digital business card. When asked if they have a card, the agent can say “take a look at your phone”.

Insurance Agents

Agents can place these within real estate agent open houses or carry them with them to trade shows.They can carry them with them to hardware stores or any other place that home buyers usually hang out like furniture stores, city visitor centers, state rest areas, military base visitor centers, etc(for homeowners insurance. If they are targeting car insurance they can place these with auto dealers and colleges(to target new drivers.

Financial Advisers and Estate Planners

They can carry the devices with them on appointments while in an assisted living facility or retirement community. They can easily place them in these establishments as well.


Since there are many types of practitioners in dentistry, they can team up and place these within partnering dentist offices. For example, an orthodontist can place their beacons in the office of a prosthodontist and conversely, the prosthodontist can place her device in the office of the orthodontist. In essence, different niche dentists can share their customers.


Lawyers can take these with them to the courthouse and broadcast their message to hundreds of potential clients every day.

And that’s just for starters. Here’s a list of a few more…

Retail Outlet

Ice Cream Shops

Coffee Shops


Funeral Homes

Consignment Shops

Service Businesses

Hair and Tanning Salons

Boutiques and Clothing Stores

ATV/UTV/BOAT/RV Dealerships

Gym, Yoga & Fitness Centers

Festivals, Trade Shows and Farmers Market Vendors

And of course the list goes on. Certainly the answer as to whether or not beacon technology is right for your business, the answer is a resounding yes!

Real World Use Case Study

We created a marketing campaign for a boutique owner and installed a beacon in the display window of her retail store front. She used a simple marketing message “20% off all jewelry today only” and set the beacon range to 91 meters (appox ~ 300 feet).

Campaign Results:

Because there were no apps to be downloaded and installed by the targeted consumers or consent required, the marketing message was delivered and seen on the mobile devices of shoppers walking or driving by within the beacon’s proximity range, resulting in a 36% increase in sales the same day the campaign was run. Sales numbers for a one day campaign simply can not be achieved with any other form of adverting.


One of the most important benefits of gamification of digital offers is the increased level of brand viability that it offers. This is important because it’s proven fact that repeated brand exposure results in increased sales.

Our gamification platform allows you to easily deploy digital scratch cards, slot machine simulation and spin wheel games that can be used to build a database of people who are interested in discounts or promotions that can be marketed too later with further offerings.

Additionally gamification is easy to implement offering these features:

Data Capture

Optionally require registration, login or social sharing to capture consumers data.

Multi-channel Distribution

Distribute gamification campaigns through any digital marketing channel.

Validation Integration

Choose from multiple validation methods after redemption.

POS Integration

Easily integrate gamification campaigns into your POS system.

Real World Use Case Study

During Q3 of 2017 we launched campaigns for 6 businesses in the same geographic area with the themes of Halloween, Thanksgiving (Black Friday) and Christmas on our gamification platforms featuring Scratch & Win, Slots and Spin & Win games.




Campaign Results:

Through the use of social media postings, ad placement and in house promotion the redemption rate achieved for the local businesses was very high, proving that not only “game play” on mobile deices is extremely popular but also in store purchases, repeat buying and brand loyalty can be quickly achieved by the deployment of a combination digital offer campaigns. The takeaway; gamification is and can be an key component of digital marketing.