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Every coupon has a default multi-use coupon URL e.g.
This method offers a basic protection based on a cookie in the consumer’s device.
Consumers can forward their coupon URL to friends or use the same coupon on multiple devices.

Single use codes have a unique coupon URL for every consumer. e.g.
These coupons have a unique location link and are 100% unique, they cannot be used twice.

How to use?

Solution 1:
If you use our built-in e-mail orSMS integration, our system will automatically generate a unique link for every e-mail or sms-receiver.

Solution 2:
Create and download single use codes in our platform. We have a distribution method called “Generate single use codes”.
You can generate test single use codes or a batch file (Excel) with multiple codes.

Solution 3:
You can also create single use codes with our API.