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Welcome to the second in a series of 4 posts that we’ll be making over the next few months covering key areas of digital marketing for success in your small business.

Each post will cover a different topic but you won’t have to wait it out. You can get all the posts in a single package as each post is really a section of out newest publication “Digital Marketing: 2018 Playbook For small Businesses
Top 5 Digital Marketing Benefits For Small Businesses
Traditional Marketing – such as Direct Mail, Print Ads, TV Ads, Newspaper Ads, and Radio Ads – have lost the powerful punch they used to pack in the world of marketing.

Businesses across the globe are turning their focus and marketing budgets on more effective ways to reach their audiences.

Here Are 5 Reasons Digital Marketing Is A MUST:

1. More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Marketing

Because it costs a fraction of many traditional marketing methods, Digital marketing delivers a better cost-per-lead ratio – ultimately increasing profits.

2. Delivers Higher Conversions

A targeted marketing campaign via digital channels not only provides a massive amount of exposure to serious leads, but can deliver a much higher return on investment than non-performing, expensive traditional methods.

3. Keeps You Connected With MOBILE Consumers

Mobile data traffic is expected to increase 10-fold between 2014 and 2019. So without a solid Mobile strategy, you are missing out on a major source of leads and profits.

4. Gives You A Competitive ADVANTAGE

Many of your competitors still aren’t using digital marketing, so there’s plenty of opportunity for your business to grab a large share of your digital target audience.

5. Allows You To Grow With The Demand

Internet traffic in 2019 is expected to be equivalent to 64 times the volume of the entire global Internet there was in 2005. Your success will eventually depend on your ability to meet the digital demands of your customers and prospects.

Will 2018 be the year many businesses finally wake up to the fact that mobile, social media, reputation management, video marketing and other strategies we talked about are here to stay?

You aren’t foooling anyone but yourself if you think that these azre merely passing trends that you can ignore until they go away.

Studies show that they will continue to experience massive growth levels in the coming years.

If you want your business to start profiting from the digital era, you’re going to have to take steps towards learning more about these methods; then, take a more serious look at the ones that would be most beneficial to your growth.

There’s no need to wait for the next post. Get the entire series and more in the original publication “Digital Marketing: 2018 Playbook For small Businesses“. Tell us where to send your report by filling in the form below…