Why Offer Digital Coupons?

Getting new customers into your business is the most expensive way to market. Rather than focusing your advertsing on getting new customers, the more cost effective approach is to offer deals and discounts to the customers you already have through digital coupons on their mobile devices. Your offers can not only be easily tracked, tied to loyalty cards and digital wallets but can also bring in new customers virally through social sharing. All these things are benefits expensive paper coupons simply can’t deliver.

A “Mobile First” Marketing Approach

Smartphones are important in our daily life and they have an increasing influence on our shopping habits. They are always on, always with us and always connected. The smartphone is becoming the ultimate shopping companion for more and more consumers.

To engage with today’s always on the go consumers, you must “mobilize” your marketing.

Mobile engagement with digital coupons and vouchers opens up many profitable opportunities for smart marketers when compared to other more expensive methods and is absolutely one of the most cost effective ways to spend your marketing and advertsing budget.

Features & Benefits

The profit opportunities and marketing advantages of digital coupons over traditional paper coupons makes their use for growing your business a forgone conclusion.

customer loyalty

Digital coupons, discounts and deals can not oly bring in new customers into your business but can also foster loyalty to win repeat customers.

Beacon Technology

Deliver digital coupons via advanced beacon technology which allows customers to save your coupon to to his/her Apple Passbook or mobile wallet that manages digital offers.

coupon redemption

Digital coupon redemption is painless and hassle free for both merchant and consumer through a unique code based security system.

data tracking

Collect valuable redemption data through a system that records and tracks all distributed coupons by requiring customers to enter data before claiming your offers.

social sharing

Require customers to share on social media channels through self-replicating system to increases brand awareness and marketing objectives.


People love to play games You can include the fun of gamification to your mobile marketing with user engaging offers that feature “Spin & Win, Slots and “Scratch & Win” games.

Clients Comments…

Increasing engagement, revenue and sales through digital coupon distribution can be a benefit to any business. Read these comments from some of our recent clients…

Now our clients are thanking us for making it easier to get our service discount and not having to remember where the coupon is.

Martha Whittington

Owner, ASAP Carpet Cleaning

I wasn’t sure what to expect but my customers began using my digital coupon and buying more, I was hooked!

Diana Spain

Owner, Kix Mix Bookstore

My interactive game coupon engages more customers and gives me a big advantage over my competitors and my patrons just love the different games!

Mark Huhn

Owner, Don & Sue's Pizza

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Sweet treats are yours when you offer your customers the perfect blend of deals that keep them coming back and buying more plus shopping convince right in the palm of their hands. Although we can’t link to our client’s campaigns, you can take a demo test drive.

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